Sucked in

Have you ever been Facebook stalking–you know, when after just a few clicks on this comment or that photo you suddenly snap out of it and find yourself on a stranger’s page not knowing how you got to Javier from Guadeloupe.  We all do it, don’t deny!  The worst is that you then look at the clock and realize that hours have passed since you got on the computer to “check your e-mail.”

What a time-sucker the internet is!  Not just Facebook–although it’s a large culprit.  I recently have been draining hours by blog stalking** (I’m not a fan of the “stalking” word but it seems to stick between my friends and me…and so it continues).   I click a link here, a blogroll there, and suddenly I have a million tabs open–many somehow seem to be shopping sites–and my tea is cold (because obviously I had just gotten on the computer to check something “quickly” and then I would go drink my tea in the kitchen…).

This all began in France for me; my blog obsession.  As I wrote my own blog I began to link and be inspired by other blogs, which then started a snowball effect which got me to where I am now: every morning checking my blog roll and bookmarked blogs for updates.

Although time passes quickly and sometimes I find nothing of interest (mostly when the “stalking” is on Facebook), I sometimes do come away with a gem.  Last night I did just that when I discovered Gifted Magazine.  As is only natural when “stalking,” I can’t remember which blog finally brought me to the site, but there I was plotting Christmas gifts (and I said it was too early…) and making my own wish list.  From what I have gathered, this is the second year for the once a year magazine which is filled with unique gift ideas for the holiday season!  Take a look yourself.  Also check out Ez’s blog Creature Comforts because its beautiful, fun and artsy–and you will def be linked to many great sites and discoveries as I just was two seconds ago while copying the links for this post (I WANT THIS!).  I swear I have a problem 😉

**Stalking can also be changed to web-browsing if you wish to be less fun

and more PC.

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