Hair care

Hairdressers are abundant in France.  I’m not sure the reason but its reality.  Driving through even a small village you might pass nine coiffeurs in a few blocks.  In my French family’s family alone there were two coiffeurs and one coiffeur to be.

You might think that with the many choices (two being somewhat relatives) I would have gotten my hair cut a lot during the past year…  I must admit this is so untrue.

The first time I cut my hair after moving in September was in December–not too bad. But after that the only other time I stepped in the salons was with the kids or to say hi to Véronique (one of the Aunt hairdressers).  So that is why the first thing people noticed on my return was “how long your hair is!”  Yes, it is long, and I like it long for the time being.  That being said I finally went to the hairdresser this afternoon to trim and treat the beast my hair has become.   Although I didn’t go back to short, I cleaned it up and am happy to see how it looks once this treatment is all washed out 🙂

I did have short hair a few years back

This was during my first weeks back home!

just waiting. hair all slicked back.


I feel like Megan Fox with my slick-back...

While getting my hair washed (love that part) and snipped (less love), I made sure to ask all my hair questions: 1. Is it really bad to wash your hair every single day? 2. Dry shampoo? Whats the deal? 3. Is conditioner really necessary? In France I hardly ever used it.

First thing she told me–I should have been using conditioner! My hair needs conditioner to make it manageable and healthy.  It doesn’t hurt to wash hair every day but what does hurt is all the heating tools we tend to use on the “naked” hair.  She highly recommended using more products before heat application to protect those follicles.

I actually didn’t ask her about dry shampoo because after those answers I assumed she might tell me to just wash my hair.  But I like to wait a few days in between washes.  I feel it does something to my hair even if maybe I’m crazy.  I did buy a treatment to use once a week (which will actually do something) and am currently sitting here with it soaking in my very dry, unmanageable, thin hair–not for long 😉

What are your thoughts on different hair theories, products, dry shampoo (I’m on a kick) and washing techniques?


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