The planet is confused

As I stepped outside for a run this afternoon I was greeted with not only sunshine but by very unseasonably warm temperatures!  Unaware, I was dressed in a long-sleeved shirt–sun I can notice from my window but having a relatively cold house I dress by assumption that it’s equally as chilly outside.  As I took the first strides down the road I should have just gone back in the house and changed my shirt but I didn’t.  By mile 2 I was sweaty and more exhausted than I normally am on a run, so I cut it short (I’m blaming the clothing and not the lack of sport in the past few weeks).  At least I’m getting back out there, right?!

After getting a chicken concoction started in the crock pot (already smells so yummy), I headed out for some errands.  This is when I heard it first.  The first Christmas tune on the radio.  I had the windows down, shorts on my legs and Bing Crosby was telling me that he was dreaming of a white christmas.  WTF?! I wont complain about the weirdness based on the 70° temperatures because that can’t be predicted, but it’s not even Thanksgiving people!!  Last year I was bummed to have a strong lack of Christmas cheer on the radio but even after that I am still not OK with “non stop Christmas tunes” starting now–November 14th!

A snowy Halloween followed by a sunny and 70° day in November, and now Christmas music on the radio!

America has really lost her mind.

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