Saving money is hard…for me

I don’t know what my problem is but maybe its the lack of shopping that has me on total nut case mode. I cannot for the life of me stop signing up for give-aways. You know like free sweeps in magazines where they give you a bag, or a trip. I even just signed up for a shopping site. The ones where you have to invite all of your friends so that you get a discount/credit.  I hate those things and now I can’t stop participating in them.

Since I have been home from France I have cut myself off of shopping.  While living over there, far from the reality of how my credit card bill was being paid off (my dad), I tended to spend a lot of money. When I was in a bad mood or upset I would shop.  It wasn’t a new habit, but the lack of responsibility on the financial front was! In college online shopping was my life, but the money came from me.  I was lucky to have the “emergency” credit card in France but by the end of my time there I was making up any excuse for an “emergency” situation!

Anyways I’m doing a great job making money working at the restaurant.  I really haven’t spent anything yet.  BUT I WANT TO!!!!! That’s the problem.

I think what I need is to get addicted to D.I.Y. sites. Now that could be a penny-saver don’t ya think?!

Know any good sites for pinching the penny?

4 thoughts on “Saving money is hard…for me

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