Movie vs Book

Are you a reader or a movie watcher?  I think there is a real distinction between the two.  My mom, she is a reader. She would skip meals to finish books, getting so wrapped up in the plot and characters that she could be brought to tears or hysterical laughter.  It takes a lot for me to get this way with a book.  A movie however, a movie can transport me and lift me right from my reality.

Maybe its a generational thing.  But it seems too easy to stamp that reasoning onto this phenomenon.  I remember some friends when I was younger, my little sister included, who had the same tendencies as my mom does.  They would be lost in books, finishing them in days or even hours. 

I have always had trouble finishing a book.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading but I don’t find an attachment to most things I pick up and therefore can easily stop mid novel never to find out how it ends–something my mom cringes over.  This is what happened with the last three books I tried reading last year–until I picked up Water for Elephants.  I was taken by this story, the fantastical lives of circus people and the love story intertwined within complicated characters.  I finished Sara Gruen’s book in two weeks; a record for me I’m sure.

Maybe it was because I spent a lot of time on trains during those two weeks (it was the end of my year in France and I visited a friend in Montpellier), or because I was going through a breakup and wanted an escape.  It could have also been because I knew the movie version was coming out soon and for once I wanted to read before watching.  Growing up everyone always said books were better than movies so I wanted to tests the theory.

Now the movie is out On Demand and I’m nervous to be disappointed.  I’m definitely going to watch it.  I was hooked when I first saw the trailer in France with Robert Pattison and Reese Witherspoon and again just five seconds ago as the commercial passed on TV with Florence + the Machine’s “Cosmic Love” (ultimate fav) playing in the background.  Despite being hooked by advertising, I feel like my mom who always said that she didn’t want to see movie versions of books she’d read because “it would ruin the images in her mind.”

I’ll let you know how it goes….




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