le rhume

Last year as an au pair I had to get a flu shot.  I understood that since I would be around the newborn babies this was a necessary precaution but at the time I was a bit against getting it.  I have never really been into taking a lot of medicine and never got a flu shot in my life.  When I left for France I had sort of decided to go “natural” meaning seeing a holistic doctor and stopping with medicine all in all.  So when I was asked to get this shot I was feeling a little upset that I couldn’t follow through with my idea. As I said before though, I understood the precaution wanting to be taken by the family and therefore went along with the flu shot–I’d do a natural lifestyle later on.

Well now here I am, back in the states and I am laying on the couch with my first cold of the season.  I am exhausted and my nose hurts from blowing it constantly.  As I sit here feeling like crapola, watching every show on Bravo and E!, I am seriously thinking of getting a flu shot this year.  I never felt like this at all last year…and I am not enjoying myself.

To flu shot or not to flu shot–that is the question.


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