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I am an avid magazine reader, guess it’s a good thing for a journalist.  I love them scattered around my room, in my car, in my bag and in the bathroom.  In France I was spoiled because magazines are almost all weekly run!  When I first realized this I was so pumped. Every Thursday a new Elle?!  What could be better?  I discovered new magazines like Be, Grazia and all the sub categories that Elle publishes (home, food..).  Why don’t we get this stuff in America?!  Or if we do, why was I living under a rock and where can I find it now?  The only thing really missing from the stands were health related magazines like Shape and Fitness but I soon got over that. 😉 SO much better reading about beauty products and new Chloé bags!!

But back to the point of my rant.  I am such an avid magazineie (can I make up that word?) that I kept my subscription to Marie Claire magazine throughout my year in France–even though I never saw them.  Stupid? Maybe, but I didn’t have the heart to cancel and my sister and mom enjoyed themselves.  In my return stateside I was happy to be able to actually use my subscription but I must say I have one big complaint (WE have finally reached my point): they come too late.

As a subscriber I expect to get my magazines at or before it goes to shelves.  I pay to have the magazine come to my house and show my dedication to the industry by subscribing.  So when I go to CVS and a Marie Claire that I have never seen in my mailbox is staring at me as I checkout, I get a bit upset.  I still have not received my November magazine and I thought they come before the month begins.  If I can’t have a new issue each week then can I at least have my monthly subscription delivered to me before it hits stands?!

Frustrated about this! Honestly.


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