Breakfast is back!

One of the things I began missing at the end of my year in France was a good old American style brunch.  Waking up late on a Sunday in France just meant skipping breakfast and eating the hot meal at noon.  In America waking up late means eating breakfast MEGA style–also known as brunch.

When I went to DC Halloween weekend I was lucky enough to have my brunch wish granted and even had a Bloody Mary. Perfection!

This weekend, at home, I was just as happy waking up late on a Sunday (with our extra hour of sleep even) and making some pancakes myself.  I LOVE pancakes. When I was younger my dad would make them every Sunday morning before church.  I would wake up to the smell of bacon and sausage cooking and rush downstairs, grab a stool and sit next to my dad at the giddle.  My sisters and I always fought over who would be able to help dad flip the pancakes–such an honor!  We also made sure to eat one or five warm pancakes straight off the burner…those were the best.  When he was done there would be two huge towers of warm pancakes, some even shaped into Mickey Mouse or the first initial of our names.  When we were done….well we would be SO full!

This morning I didn’t get quite as creative.  I didn’t even add chocolate chips or blueberries.  But it was satisfying to have a glass of OJ, a mini stack of pancakes and maple syrup all the same 🙂

Do you have any childhood traditions on the weekends? Any meal that brings you back “home”?

I have to also add that I made my dad bring a box of Bisquick with him to France when they visited me last year!  I loved telling the kids about American things so the fact that I could actually give them an American breakfast–with the best pancake maker ever–was special.  And it was awesome to see them devour those little circles just as I had done at their age 🙂


2 thoughts on “Breakfast is back!

  1. I LOVE breakfast. I miss the brunch town that is Richmond so much! (Make sure you hit up Millie’s if you ever visit the girls there!) My mom used to make pancakes and eggs a lot – but our “treat” growing up was Dunkin Donuts. I try to make something out of the ordinary for Carter already on Sunday’s – usually french toast as of lately, but I think it’s cool to look back on breakfast traditions like that and I hope he’ll have some.

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