French Fluency at marathon speed?

It’s NYC Marathon weekend and although I am not up in the Big Apple I feel I am doing my own sort of marathon down here in PA.  Yesterday was my first day as a server and lucky me, I pulled a double!  I was drowning after our lunch rush but learned a lot. First lesson: ask for help! I stayed from 10h30am until that same time at night so I had time to find my groove.  By the night shift I was handling things pretty smoothly. Not a bad learning curve if I do say so myself.

It was reassuring to be able to pick myself back up after feeling like I had failed (probably too hard on myself).  Working with some great people who are super supportive is helpful.  That’s important in the restaurant industry because things get crazy fast.  Also important for those running in NYC tomorrow!

Funniest thing about yesterday: I speak French when flustered! I KNOW! Who would’ve thought, but literally I would say things like “pas grave,” “C’est tout,” “d’accord.”  Does this mean I still have my French fluency?!  I laughed to myself the first time it happened (it happened at least three times) and was reminded of “The Parent Trap” when Lindsay Lohan’s character starts rattling off French out of frustration–thus giving away her twin switch up.

Anyone else know more than one language really well and fall into some slip-ups?  What a weird phenomenom..but I like knowing that the French in me is still working–even when my brain is filled to capacity.

Continuing my marathon weekend with two night shifts today and tomorrow.

Bonne chance à moi 🙂

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