Newest adventure as a “reborn American”

Since I have been home my friends have been inviting me to play softball with them.  They all joined a league and have games every Thursday night. I had been busy and unmotivated until last night when finally I gave in.  I had played softball in my younger years but hated the slow-moving speed of the game (or my lack of skill?).  I ended up giving it up to play a faster spring sport–lacrosse.  So I wasn’t too sure what I could bring to the team last night but I quickly found out that that wasn’t the point. It was just a nice time to get out and spend time together!  We had a nice run for a double-header night, winning both games! Go us! I was able to hit the ball a few times–and strike out just as much–but my one run did make me feel like a part of the team 🙂

It’s funny that my friends and I are at the age where we (or “they” at the moment) work 9-5 in an office and look forward to a community sports league for weeknight fun.  I just feel so old sometimes.

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