Pieds par terre, Tête dans les nuages

I feel as though so much has been going on since my return across the pond just two weeks ago!  I havent made any crazy new plans for life after France but just getting myself readjusted to home again is enough.

I traveled to our capital city for Halloween weekend festivities–and a freak snowstorm.

I got a waitress job at a local pub.  Nice to have some money in the bank again.  Just have to keep working hard at not spending it so that I can do all the things I am dreaming of these days (paris, nyc….).  My life is a bit up in the air at the moment but I’m fully certain I’ll land where I should be in no time.

I have taken to cooking a lot since I have been back which helps occupy the lulls in the day when I begin getting “homesick” for France and the friends and family I left there (I miss them a lot!).  Tonight I made carrot & parsnip soup. Got the idea during my Barnes & Noble marination (a lovely past time from college) today while reading Real Simple magazine.  So yummy! 

Just dreaming of the day when I’ll return to France and marinate in Shakespeare & Co Bookshop after making a soup with fresh ingredients from the local market (and there would be a baguette involved too….and some macaroons for dessert)


2 thoughts on “Pieds par terre, Tête dans les nuages

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