A new challenge

So I have just been inspired.  A friend’s enthusiasm to blog every day in November has triggered my interest.  I have recently been mulling over what to write about anymore.  It’s not that I have less to say now that I am stateside, I just feel off topic (considering I have a blog about Au Pairing in France).  I have wrestled with starting a new blog but I am still a bit attached to this one. What do you all think? New start or continue right here with my story?

Either way, this month I will try to post to you all every day. Maybe by doing this I will find out if anyone is still following my antics and if my blog needs a facelift.

Let me know what you think please.

7 thoughts on “A new challenge

  1. I think continuing here is best! If a new reader comes along, you want them to be able to look at your archives and see the beginning of your journey! You can always change you theme and title if you want to.

    • Thanks Caitlin! My SMADies are a big help here 🙂 I am excited to see where the blog will take me in the future and I think youre right to keep it here and just change some aesthetics will be the best idea!

  2. I agree – stay here. I transformed my blog a year and a half ago from musings on my wedding, fashion, random ‘ish to being primarily pregnancy and parenting-focused. Despite the more specific topics, I’ve found I’ve gotten more readers and those newer readers have access to where I started on my blogging journey. It’s YOUR blog, YOUR story…do with it what you want! Good luck in the challenge!

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