STAYING French (in America)

So here I am sitting in my kitchen at 5am.  My body thinks it is almost noon so the rumbling in my tummy can probably be heard from France where everyone is chowing down for 2 hour lunch break.  I have successfully traveled back to the States but must say I am resisting changing back to an American just as much as my internal clock.  What can I say, I fell in love with a lifestyle that suits me and I am less than thrilled to go back to my old ways. So even though I already feel like a foreigner in my own country I am going to try to keep my French pizzaz vivant in the US.  Looking at the positives however there things to be said about being in America…

I am for one very  happy to have my deodorant back in the stores and Aveeno products which I don’t know how I lived without (oh wait I didn’t ’cause I had my mom send them over). 

I was so thrilled to pour a bowl of cereal yesterday morning with REAL milk and not something that doesnt expire until the next millennium and is kept warm on a counter.  Never got used to that over there.

I’m sad to have a lack of cafes where I can people watch but I have discovered that my newest (and cheapest) order at Starbucks can and will be an espresso! 

I know I must give this transition time.  I forced myself to remember the first days in France last year and how uncomfortable I was with everything.  Now listen to me; I yearn for that!  Being back with family and friends is a treat and they seem to be ecstatic as well.  So I am trying to discontinue the phrase “I don’t want to be here” when around them even though that is how I feel.  Instead I am going to enjoy this next chapter and I hope you all will stay with me too.  I might not be living in France (yet) but I still have the spirit in my bones 🙂

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