Happy October. (I’ve been here for over a year)

Since our last chat (my apologizes that it was a month ago) I have extended my VISA for a month.  I just wasn’t ready to buy a plane ticket out of here in September–October just sounded so much better.  It took a while to actually make it official but I finally made peace with leaving and will be returning to the other side of the Atlantic on the 12th.

I am happy to see friends and family and have the holidays in the traditional way that I missed out on last year.  However I am also dragging my feet to leave this life.  A year here in France and I can honestly say that it feels like home.  I enjoy taking my lunch at noon exactly and knowing that everyone else has also stopped their day to eat.  I love grabbing a coffee at quaint cafés with friends.  I am proud that I can flip on the TV and watch a show and understand it all!  I have fallen in love with travel by train and the ease of reaching another country within hours.  But most of all I enjoy speaking this language.  So because of all this I have kept my options open by  buying a round trip ticket…meaning Ill be flying into Paris June next year.  To do what? I dont know exactly but I have time to figure it out.

For now I am enjoying my last two weeks here in France.  Last weekend I took the train 4 hours south to visit a friend in Montpellier.  It was a climate and landscape a lot different from here in the center of the country.  We had fun at the beach, jumping cliffs and exploring ancient villages.  My friend Jess plays soccer in Montpellier so she was also able to snag some tickets to the Montpellier v. Paris soccer game that weekend! Very fun time spent in a new place.

Tomorrow I’m off to Lyon.  I have been to this city a handful of times this past year the first being for the holidays and the most recent to visit friends who had just moved to the “mini-Paris like” city.  This time Ill be going to the zoo with the now 9 month old twins and then a museum which is more up the alley of the two eldest kids.  I’m happy to spend one of my last weekends with the family that has become my extended family.

Bon Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Happy October. (I’ve been here for over a year)

  1. We are all very excited to see you in 9 days! It may take some time to adjust to the rhythm of the USA, but we are looking forward to your return and have some exciting adventures planned – Long Beach Island, New York City, Knoxville Tennessee, … Oh, and we also have some job opportunities for you : )

    See you soon!!!!!!! xoxo

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