American Cravings

Recently I have been craving Zucchini bread! This is something my mom makes quite frequently at home but I havent had it for a while.  For one thing it’s not French and even before my time here in France I was not living at home and wasn’t doing much baking.

Baking is not really my thing. I am not the most patient person in the world and waiting for the cooling process is usually my downfall.  I always seem to crack a cake or demolish a cookie because I don’t wait for it to cool before trying to pry it off the pan.  This time I made sure to wait the 20 minutes in the pan until flipping the cake over onto a rack. BUT lo and behold I must not have greased the pan sufficiently and now there are two halves of the bread. 😦 It still tastes delicious but I wish I had more luck, especially because the family has never had Zucchini Bread before!

I must say that although I love the food here, there is a limit to it all. I find that in America I can find just about any type of restaurant and my mom also makes just about every type of meal.  In France I find the same menu at most places and at home we eat a lot of the same variety of foods.  Potatoes, cheese, meat with sauce (red meat), yogurt for dessert, salad to start…  I miss a good ol’ brunch!  I think that will be the first thing I have my mom make when I get back to the States: french toast casserole, eggs, bacon, fruit salad and maybe even a loaf of zucchini bread 🙂


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