Dora the Explorer teaching English?

So this morning I woke up, turned on the TV and voila: Dora the Explorer.  Being a fan I decided not to change the channel.

I successfully helped Dora and Boots get to the hidden castle!  I know, I know I’m awesome.

So why am I posting this? Well because I discovered that Dora in France teaches English, not Spanish.  For those who dont know– Dora in the USA speaks English but also teaches the kids Spanish words.  But what I found out was that in France Dora speaks French and teaches the kids English.  To me this was intéressant!

I wonder if in other countries this language choice changes too?

2 thoughts on “Dora the Explorer teaching English?

  1. I love Dora! It would be neat to hear her speak French…to me she is so Spanish. Maybe you can watch the show to keep your English current! haha xoxo

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