Royal Wedding Wishes

So does everyone really dream of being a princess? I mean its a tale we are told as little girls that there are princesses and princes and white horses and such… We are also told never to believe this hoopla (remember Sex and the City Movie?) but should we keep the faith for our prince? Should we all wish for a fairy tale wedding?

I am obviously contemplating all these fantastical ideas because of the recent English Royal Wedding between William and Kate.  I got the privilege to watch it Live with a bunch of Brits and Kiwis which was quite fun.  We wore traditional hats, drank Pimm’s and took bets on the color of the Queen’s dress (for which I totally guessed yellow BUT being a late arrival had to write a different one being it was already taken–dommage).

Anywho, as I sat and watched I couldn’t help being a bit jealous of Kate Middleton.  I must say I have never been one to plan my wedding. I dont know what my “colors” are or what time of year I want to get married.  Not even the style of my dress.  The only thing which might have once fallen into this category is that I have said in the past that I want a giant old church and bagpipes (this may or may not have changed).

I have however always dreamed of living in a castle (kind of runs in the same thought process as the grand old church).  So much so that for my birthday my friends here in France bought me a coffee table book of all the castles in France.  I will be choosing from one of these for sure 🙂

So now I am putting all these pieces together and realizing that if I just wait it out for a prince I could have it all!  A grand cathedral, a palace and the whole royal title wouldn’t hurt either.  For someone who doesn’t think of getting married much this day has been spent with my head in the clouds.

Did you all watch the wedding?  What was your favorite part?  I loved when Harry turned around and took a look at Kate for his brother.  Just wish I could find out what he said to William afterwards…

3 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Wishes

  1. Yes, I watched in twice! Loved every minute, especially on the balcony at Buckingham Palace when Kate turned around for one more peek at the crowd of Brits before walking back inside! And yes to you other question…We will all find our princes! Cheers!

  2. I had Amanda DVR it for me and watched it in sections throughout the weekend! So many wonderful parts and such a beautiful bride. I hope they will be happy ever after : )

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