Mon Anniversaire en France

Yesterday was my birthday! I am now an old lady (23).

My day started out a little boring; I had school from 8am until 4pm.  But no worries, I made sure to find a way to spice it up… In between classes my friends and I grabbed a table at a café and celebrated with a large beer!  YUM 🙂  And to top that off, the day was absolutely gorgeous! Sun shining & hothothot temperatures.

I need to stop posing with beers (re: previous post)

When I got home that afternoon I was just expecting to get some happy birthdays and a cake.  Like normal I expected to throw a dinner together and help with some homework.  But that was not at all the case.  I really am the most spoiled Au Pair alive because I had such a wonderfully unexpected celebration with the family.  A few weeks back I was asked what my favorite meal in France was. I answered Boudin Noir. Some of you might get grossed out by this but my favorite meal is a blood sausage! That’s right.  I was a little apprehensive the first time I ate it but it was actually delicious with Dijon mustard (of course) and mashed potatoes.  Anyways, its my fav and it was on last night’s birthday dinner menu (which I got to watch being made while sipping on champagne)!  This time we had it with warm apples which now I believe is the best way.  Dont hate until you try it…its delicious!

So we ate that, had some wine (duh) and Skyped my family back in the states.  Mid Skype session the cake was brought out accompanied by “the birthday song” and presents!  The best part was sharing cake and presents with my family back home.  I really have become such a Skype advocate since my arrival in France because of the cool memories it allows me to have and the proximity it gives me to my friends and family back home.  Living across the Atlantic is not half bad when you can see anyone you want at the drop of a hat (and free too).

So all in all it was a fantastic day and night!  I am thankful for my two great families, this great job, this great country and Skype heheh

3 thoughts on “Mon Anniversaire en France

    • Just French language courses which are required for my VISA. I might start some wine classes (if I stay another year) and with those Ill receive a diploma…but we will see how it all plays out

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