Vendredi Run Down

So it’s Friday and it was a GORGEOUS day today! Got to enjoy the weather while grabbing coffee (and a beer) in between classes.  Can you tell that I am on an Au Pair salary here? Cheese crackers and a beer…I choose to shop during the week and leave myself with 2 euro to spare come Friday. OopsI am tired and am about to chow down on some wonderful Friday night plancha (thinly cut meat cooked on a hot plate on the table) but I wanted to post a little something. So here are three things from my week, enjoy.

This is how we park in France. Or at least how I park when I am given a TRUCK to drive through Dijon…

This house/château is in the village next to mine.  I am in love with it and one day hope to live here (or in another castle like it).

When I wait for Célénie to finish music class in Nuits St George I sit at this fountain and read. Dont you just love her big tush?!


TGIF people 🙂


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