le premier jour du printemps: donc j’ai bu du vin!!

March 20: Frist Day of SPRING!!  I thought it would never come.  Winter is for sure long here in France, and even though we had a nice spring weather tease a week back, the past few days have been dreary and awful.  But amazingly for the premiere of spring lucky enough today the skies opened up and showed us some much enjoyed sunshine!

Perfect weather for a stroll in Nuits St George for the annual Ventes des Vins! Just like the event which I attended in Beaune, the hospice of Nuits St George produces wine that is sold each year during this festival.  The event which last Friday and Saturday begins with a 1/2 marathon run through the vineyards.  There is a parade on Sunday morning, wine tastings throughout the weekend and plenty of vendors to visit and carnival-like games to play.  Friday I went to the salon du chocolate where I tasted some chocolate and saw amazing displays of chocolaty talent!

Saturday I met up with some friends and did the wine tasting.  We received a nicely ingraved wine glass and were able to mingle with many of the viticulteurs/wine makers of the area. We also  made sure to enjoy the weather by just wandering around town.

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