Vide Grenier

Remember homeroom moms? You know, the moms who would plan the class parties in elementary school, would “man” the wrapping paper sales, come in to talk about the holidays, things like that.  I remember my mom putting together a Christmas presentation in 4th grade. I was a bit of a home body (I’ve made big leaps since then. i.e. living in a foreign country) and absolutely LOVED that my mom came in for the afternoon.  I also loved when my mom was chaperone for those class trips to Washington DC or Baltimore Aquarium. It meant I didn’t have to hold my lunch, duh! Before I get too off track here, my point in bringing up these moms is that I was totally a homeroom mom tonight! Célénie’s school is doing a flea market type thing and I have agreed to participate in the event with her and her brother.   She is lucky because there aren’t just homeroom moms at the school; there is a whole committee of parents who put on different events (one being a class trip for a week to the beach: sweet right?!)  So tonight I got to meet all these wonderful parents as there was “une réunion” (meeting).  We went with pen & paper in hand; ready to learn more about this yard sale.  Ends up the night is a work night and not very information based at all.  Creation of the promotional posters was the goal of the evening.   So as Célénie played in the courtyard with her friends (this was HER idea wasn’t it) I was with the parent crowd gluing promotional pages to large cardboard squares. All worth it when—and this is why I LOVE France—the bottle(s) of champagne were popped for the apéro.  Solid!  I could definitely get used to being a French “homeroom mom”


3 thoughts on “Vide Grenier

  1. Then you just need to find yourself a French man, get married, have babies and you can be homeroom mom in France. But I think we would miss you too much over here!

  2. Allison hit the nail on the head! Gots to meet the man 🙂 to be a true homeroom mom. Thanks for the shout out in your blog!

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