lights, camera, NO ACTION

It was all planned out. The bike race that goes from Paris to Nice was passing through Nuits St George at 17h.  I had to pick up one kid at the bus stop around 16:30, and the next at a friend’s house around 17:30.  I could drive into Nuits before going to the second and catch the bikers as they passed.

But plans never work.

First kid didnt want to go with me and parents weren’t home.  Always a plan B: go alone and just be a few minutes late for the getting the second (he likes to play at his friend’s house anyways).  Well, ends up I have to take a new route to the friend’s because there was a Franck Dubosc movie being filmed and roads were blocked (It was a beautiful day to film the countryside!)  Pretty cool reason if I do say so myself.  But this meant I would have to wait until later to go into Nuits and hope to catch the end of everything.

Welp by the time I got there I was walking in the opposite direction of everyone: very clear indication that things had ended already. Merde!

Bikers–but not the right ones 🙂

3 thoughts on “lights, camera, NO ACTION

  1. You know you’re from France when…you start saying the time like ’16:30′ and you post a link to the French Wikipedia!

  2. I caught that too, Allison! I think my girl is “becoming french” as her post as indicated…BUT it’s all good! xo

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