The trip that never should’ve happened

I had my first visitor from the US last week! It’s been 5 months since I have seen my friends and family so having Lori come out to visit was so exciting.   I felt like it was a scene out of a movie when she arrived by train into Dijon.  I was standing on the platform staring into the crowd, searching for the familiar face…then I saw it and I literally cried 🙂 Precious, I know!

So our first adventure together (Lori has never been to Europe so I wanted to see as much as possible) was a weekend in Switzerland.  Us along with my friends Orsi and Megan and two boys I didn’t know (don’t worry somebody knew them just not me) planned to spend the weekend in Genèva.  The boys had an apartment there (love when accommodations are taken care of!) and I planned to go with Orsi and Lori by car while Megan went with the boys.

The perfect plan was that I would take Louis-Auguste to music school in Dijon early on Saturday morning.  The school is right across the street from where my friend Orsi lives so I would pick her up after and we would leave from there.  It’s too bad nothing ever goes perfect for me…

It all hit the fan when I ungracefully got into a car accident Thursday evening.  With the radiator “shot” driving to Switzerland was out of the question.  After getting over the annoyance of the whole situation, me and Orsi put our brains together and decided that renting a car would be the best & cheapest option.  So the plan would remain the same except that I would drive back home after Dijon to drop off one car and leave with the rental we would pick up on Saturday AM.  Not too bad.

We pack up our petite Fiat 500 and hit the open road–better description would be very crowded road! So much traffic because the 2 week vacation was just beginning. But we had music, food, sunshine and things were fine…until we could no longer go above 60km/h–PROBLEM!  Long story short we stopped for an hour or more at a rest area because we couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the car. Called all the possible people, nobody had an answer. Ended up calling a highway service company who came with a tow truck.  Told him there was no way we would tow the car away, we wanted to get on with our weekend getaway asap.  Because we were “charming girls” he told us to just take the side road where we wouldn’t be a danger if the problem continued (he also couldn’t tell us what was wrong with the car).  As we continued I decided to hit a weird button to see what would happen.  The word “city” comes up on the dash and all of a sudden we can accelerate! Why nobody could have told us about that I’ll never understand.  Still had no horsepower in the car (which made our trip super long both ways) but it was nice to know we wouldn’t have to go 60km/h the whole time–and that we weren’t going to be blowing up during the drive.

Sorry, that really wasnt a “long story short” explanation was it?!  I will list the rest of the mess below so that I dont get carried away with explanations like above:

1) GPS dies

2) Sleeping arrangements were a little more crammed than the boys led on…and we weren’t told about the changes until 5am.  Ended up sleeping 3 girls in a little futon and one girl on hard floor and two boys in beds?! So not ok.

3) walked home for an HOUR in rain…at 5am

4) expensive dinner of bad cheese fondu and gross “Switzerland” wine

5) for Megan: skiing was all booked and it rained on the slopes.  spent the day people watching at the lodge instead of skiing

6) didn’t get home to France until 11pm and went over the allotted KMs because of the amazing horsepower and lack of good directions.

BUT other than those things the trip was fun.  Did a lot of sightseeing on Sunday and found a sentimental family house for Orsi.  Didnt rain (too hard) so we could walk around AND we didn’t end up paying for the extra mileage (score!)

Once in Switzerland we had a good time.  Saw some sites, found a sentimental family house for my friend, ate fondu, had a night out on the town…  One thing to remember though, Switzerland is expensive, even if you dont buy a SWATCH.


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