“It feels like years since it’s been here”

SUNSHINE!!!!!  We have been living in a world of foggy mornings and gray afternoons recently.  As someone who is strongly affected emotionally by weather, it has been hard to keep a happy face. But today, the sun shined bright. Bright enough to drive with the sunroof open, to not wear a coat and of course to take a walk!

So while waiting for Célénie to finish music class this afternoon I took a nice stroll around Nuits St George.  I tried to go down each and every windy road that I hadn’t been down before, taking pictures as I went.  Unfortunately I didn’t plan this adventure so I only had my camera phone, but I worked with what I had.

I have definitely gotten comfortable here in France and although that’s nice to feel “at home” it’s also nice to act like a tourist now and then–considering I am, sort of, a long-term tourist in this town/country.  In Nuits St George I discovered that almost every house is a wine Domaine! Its incredible the amount of wine makers in one small town.

During my journey I had a nice chat with an old lady who was also on a walk (a lot slower pace than me but still proud of her for getting out there).  I tried to understand her strong Bourgogne accent (every letter seemed to have a rolled “r” at the end) but it was very difficult.  From what I did understand, she definitely felt as happy as I did about the beautiful weather.  She said these wise words (I think): When the sun comes out we are instantly all so much better and happier!

Preach it sister!!!


3 thoughts on ““It feels like years since it’s been here”

  1. I love reading your blog. You are one smart cookie and I’m proud to be related to you. I’m still enjoying Maui, probably till end of March. Your family is really looking forward to seeing you!

    Many Alohas, Poppop

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