French Cupid

Happy Valentines Day: the typical Hallmark holiday!

Cards, heart-shaped gadgets, candles, flowers, chocolates, dinner dates…even elementary school kids give little cardboard cards to each and every friend.  Although I see the “commercialism” of it all, I think its a nice holiday to share with your loved ones.

This year I am in France–duh.  So I got to see how the whole Hallmark hoopla doesnt exactly transfer from country to country.  We Americans just do things big and over the top.  In France I found out that its not normal to give your classmates candy or cards, or to deck yourself out in heart-covered socks and pink clothes.  And trying to find a box of Conversation Hearts–nearly impossible.  Not saying the French dont celebrate this day of LOVE.  I think that would be a bit over kill.  Especially for Paris–the city for love, right?  Its just that the celebration is reserved for a significant other and is maybe more of a private affair if you will.  I am thinking right now of the scene from The Sex and the City Movie where Miranda and Carrie are at Valentines Day dinner with the obnoxious decorations covering the restaurant.  Yeah, I’m gonna say that wouldnt happen in France…

But even so, I was happy to share a little Valentines Day fun with my French family (with help from my mom who sent some awesome gifts).  They loved the socks, candy, and little trinkets that we gave and found it neat that we offer little tokens of love to friends and family on Valentines Day!

Hope everyone enjoyed a special day with someone they loved


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