Why can’t I see that movie?

Went to see the new film, The Black Swan tonight with some friends (it was only just recently released in France).  I was a little apprehensive to see it in French after hearing how twisted and crazy of a film it was, but it ended up being fine and I understood it all–as much as one can, of course, for a film of that genre.

What I found interesting was the lack of control on who can enter the film.  What I am talking about is age limits for certain movies based on ratings.  What I have come to discover tonight is that these strict restrictions dont exist here.  From my understanding, The Black Swan is rated R in USA meaning that kids under the age of 17 cannot go into the theatre without an adult.

Not only was it difficult to even find a rating on the French version of the movie, there was also absolutely no restrictions on it.  Knowing about the storyline and certain scenes beforehand, I advised the 10-year-old girl that she should not come with us to see it.  Her brother, 14, did end up coming but even that would have been a bit complicated in US.

Dont get me wrong, there is a system for ratings in France, but it seems the French are less worried to tell the general public how to raise their kids, or what films he/she can and cannot be subjected to.

Not sure what I prefer, but as a parent (and Au Pair) I find it is easier to explain to children that they cannot see a film based on the law, and not based on your general instinct….

All in all, good decisions were made at this household for a movie that was beyond mind boggling!

2 thoughts on “Why can’t I see that movie?

  1. Oh how wonderful and interesting cultural and societal differences between countries can be. That could be a whole new blog for you to write! I would read it too!

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