ça fait longtemps!

Well folks, its been a while.  My only excuse in leaving you hanging for so many weeks is that I am enjoying myself.  But this excuse seems a bit selfish especially since I want you all to share in my experiences (thus the idea of this blog).

So what has been going on here in France?
Louis-Auguste recently had the opportunity to play the Saxophone with his jazz group from the Conservatoire at a really cool venue.  Its called La Vapeur and is a jazz bar in Dijon.  The concert fell on his 14th birthday nonetheless so we made sure to fill the seats with his family!

Célénie and I had a day together in Dijon this past weekend.  It’s always nice to spent time with just her.  We dropped Louis-Auguste at a birthday party in the center city and took the 5 hours to shop and look around Dijon.  We went to Sephora, the FNAC (like Best Buy) and a little boutique to get MORE silly bands (she has over 100 already.  This American fad has hit France hard these past months).  We took a break from our shopping to grab a chocolate chaud and crêpes au sucre.  Then after doing the needed grocery shopping we hit a wall and realized 2 hours were still open and we had nothing to do (and it was cold and getting dark).  So crazy Au Pair Beth decided that she wanted to play with toys…where else do you go? Toys R Us! We got there with 10 minutes to spare before closing time.  Plenty of time to jump on a stuffed horse, pass a giant Koosh ball and take a ride on a plastic see-saw.  Afterward we checked out the Piscine Olympic which I frequent but Célénie has never been to.  We even got some VIP treatment when the security guard showed us some special access only pool where you can do SCUBA! Doing BIG things over here in France, that’s for sure 🙂

The twins are eating and sleeping….that’s about it.  They are getting bigger everyday though and we all enjoy having them around.  It’s neat to already be able to see the different personalities between them.  Can’t wait for the summer to teach them to swim (maybe I am getting ahead of myself…)


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