Christmas wish granted

Every Christmas Eve since I can remember my grandparents (Poppop and Mommom) read “The Night Before Christmas” to my sisters and me.  Whether we were sitting next to each other beside a fire or were listening to the story over speaker phone, we always made it work.  This year many of my traditions were put to the side as I experienced a French Christmas.  I thought doing things differently during my favorite holiday would be hard but I think I was so busy taking in the new things that I didn’t miss so many of the traditional rituals. The one part of my Christmas that I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around missing was story time on Christmas Eve.  But there were more complications than just my being across the ocean: my Poppop was in Hawaii, my Mommom passed away just before I left to come to France, and my sisters and I were all getting “too old.”  So when I Skyped my family Christmas Eve I was so excited to hear we would read the story over Skype.  How cool is technology: my Poppop from Hawaii read a book over the phone and through Skype to me in France!  This little part of American Christmas made me feel like I was “home for Christmas, even if only in my dreams…”

I hope everyone can feel close to their family this holiday season…it’s possible no matter where you are.

Joyeux Noël

4 thoughts on “Christmas wish granted

  1. So very glad that we could make it work! Missing you, but so excited for you and your adventures in another country and culture.
    Merry Christmas Bethy Boo. We love you ~ xoxo mom

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