La Fête des Lumières (Lyon)

Last weekend I took the train to Lyon to see la fête des lumières.  I was expecting it to be a big display of Christmas lights everywhere but that was not the case at all.  Throughout the whole city, which rests between two main rivers the Rhône and the Saône, there were elaborate light displays set up on walls, in gardens and on huge screens set up especially for the event.  It was a huge party with neon lights, music, and mass amounts of people!

Me and some friends walked the streets trying to see every display–which was hard considering the amount of people and the expanse of the city.  We ended up walking more or less 6 hours…me in wedge heels! Awesome planning on my part. But despite the pain going on with my feet, I saw some really cool displays.  For example, one was displayed on the front of a huge cathedral.  The neon lights which outlined the architecture made you think that the actual structure was moving from side to side.  Accompanied by eery music and changing colors, I really liked this stop on our trek.

We ended the night by ascending the mountain of “vieux village” where there was another huge cathedral.  This specific one was constructed as a thank you to the Virgin Mary who supposedly saved the Lyonnaise from destruction back in the day.  The whole fête des lumières is about Mary because it takes place every year on the 8th of December which is supposedly the date of the immaculate conception.  From the church where we finished our tour, we could see all of Lyon spread out before us.  It was absolutely beautiful, especially with all the lights.

2 thoughts on “La Fête des Lumières (Lyon)

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