No Christmas music on the radio?!!??!

I am a proud supporter of all things Christmas–pine tree scented candles (thanks for sending me one Aunt Dawn and Uncle Rick), circling the neighborhoods to see lights (actually found some good ones here already), eating candy canes, decorating my college house from top to bottom in wrapping paper, watching every Christmas movie ever made (watched a French one the other night with the kids)….I could go on but I’ll refrain.

The one thing I absolutely LOVE is when the radio begins playing Christmas music 24/7!  The day after Thanksgiving is like a holiday in itself and I have begun to think of this day as the official date when I can share my Christmas enthusiasm with everyone.  Honestly I begin listening to the tunes and lighting Christmas candles long before this “holiday” (probably around October) but I keep it to myself because I realize not everyone likes to think of Christmas before Thanksgiving as I do…

But here in France my little “holiday” is set back a bit because Christmas songs don’t come on over the radio. OH THE HORROR!!!

Even though the kids told me this sad news I still hope everyday that I will pass over a station playing Christmas tune (perhaps even in English).  Well, prayers were answered and this afternoon my favorite station, Virgin Radio, played Coldplay’s Christmas song.  I was extremely excited to be alone in the car (able to blast the song)driving through the country roads of France listening to Christmas music–just too bad it was raining and not snowing. Can’t have it all 🙂

2 thoughts on “No Christmas music on the radio?!!??!

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