some time to myself

So being an Au Pair is not always as easy as one might think.  Sure, my job is to live in a foreign country and soak in as much as possible before leaving for the motherland in a year BUT another large part is to take care of children–duh.  When you first think of this it seems like an easy feat: play outside, read books, maybe dabble in some cooking or arts & crafts but nothing too mind boggling.  But there are some nanny horror stories which would deter anyone from taking this job.  I have friends here who have some such stories….

I am lucky because I work for an amazing family with kids whom I adore.  (I also lucked out of changing diapers and puttering around a quiet house during nap time–at least for the time being before the twins are born) But even with all my luck, my job can be down-right tiring and sometimes I just need a break (I understand motherhood a bit more everyday!)

So when I was able to stay in Dijon all day yesterday I was very excited.  After my morning French class I got lunch and shopped with two friends I have met here.  We basically just wandered the streets, saw the Christmas market in the center square, and drank some vin chaud (I am not the only one who is obsessed…This half Parisian, half New Englander blogger also finds the vin chaud irresistible)

I love my life here in France and I enjoy spending time with Louis-Auguste and Célénie but yesterday it was nice to just relax and be on my own schedule instead of having to drive here and there to drop off, then pick up without forgetting to go grocery shopping in between!

2 thoughts on “some time to myself

  1. obvious or not, but I think you have it made having the breaks in your schedule. it could be 24/7. my impression, but i admire you, you are doing the right thing, a lifetime experiance you will remember forever. enjoy every day! lov ya, xxoo poppop

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