Thanksgiving is a major curiosity here in France.  Everyone is always asking about it; what it means, why its celebrated, what is eaten, if it is just as important as Christmas–the list continues.  So it has been my job to spread the word about this American holiday.  Of course I was doing that in French and I found it quick confusing and complicated at times, but luckily I have perfected the breakdown into simplified words and meanings because this past Monday I went into Célénie’s class (essentially 5th graders) and gave them the run down.

We ate Pilgrim hats (so easy and was a major hit), colored a picture of a Pilgrim and Native American, and went through the history of 1621 as best (and as simply) as possible.  After they asked me questions about my daily life, much like Louis-Auguste’s class last week.  It was funny because in their eyes I live a life in the movies.  They asked if I had met Obama, if I have been to this concert, or met that famous person….it was cute but unfortunately I dont live my life like Disney channel portrays it 🙂

All in all, Show and Tell with Beth was another successful adventure!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night

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