I have an announcement to make

So I dont really know how to begin this post other than to say; I have come out of retirement people!  That’s right, I have come all the way to Dijon, France to get back into swimming shape.  For all my fellow retired swimmers, you won’t think I am crazy when you see the picture of this 50 meter, olympic-sized pool.  It makes the list of top nicest pools I have swam in believe it or not!

For all those who are confused about why my plunge back into the pool is a big deal: I swam for over 12 years and the last 8 were highly competitive (ending at the Division 1 college level).  So after spending 20 hours a week staring at a line on the bottom of the pool and slowly deteriorating my body, retirement was a necessary and much enjoyed process.

So I had been hearing all about this brand new (opened in May) facility but had not seen it yet with my own eyes.  The kids and I planned to go swim during the school break but never made it happen and I just never thought to plan a trip (I was retired remember? As much as I wanted to see it, I was not too sure about swimming laps again).

The issue I run into here is that going for a run (the easiest way to workout alone) is a process.  First of all, everything is uphill.  Well, it all starts downhill obviously but what goes up must come down!  That was precisely my issue the first time I went for a run here–felt great, turned around, and realized I had gone straight downhill and now had a tough trip back up to the village.  The second issue is that if you dont take to the road and instead find a nice little path through the woods (after getting a little lost on a muddy trail I did find a nice loop through the woods that is better on the shins and flat instead of all downhill or all uphill), you have to worry about getting shot! Yeah I know, it’s a strange concept and I swear I am not in the ghetto, but I do live in the country where people hunt (la chase) on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  I go to school for most of the day on Tuesdays and Fridays so it doesn’t leave much flexibility.

Which brings me (finally) to the reason for pursuing the POOL!  And I am so glad I did.  It is beautiful and clean and an easy stop in between my classes in Dijon and my responsibility to pick up the kids from their activities in the afternoons.  It might even be another way to meet more people.  Just today I met a nice Italian runner who is swimming as a way to stay in shape during an injury.  We met because I ran into him–oops.  When we both hit the wall he commented on my fast swimming (HA!).  Little does he know I thought I was going to drown and I didn’t do anything too taxing–I enjoyed the compliment anyhow 🙂

Swimming has and always will be the most therapeutic thing for me–not to mention the sole way I know how to get my body back into shape.  So I am excited to be able to use this nice pool while I am here for the year!

5 thoughts on “I have an announcement to make

  1. I use to swim in Spain too! The first time I went swimming one of the coaches came up to me and asked me to join his team haha! I told him I was retired.

    BTW: That pool is the prettiest pool I have ever seen! Enjoy!

    • NO! havent seen him again…but I switched lanes. I found out there are lanes set aside for people wanting to swim laps at a pretty good pace so maybe that is why we havent seen each other.

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