La Toussaint

My apologise: it is Wednesday and I have not posted pictures of Halloween. I have a good excuse, don’t worry…we didn’t celebrate! I know, I know after all the work making the dress and ordering of costume parts from internet vendors and the kids didn’t even dress-up!  The deterrent: rain. Can you imagine kids in the States not going out for Halloween because it was raining? Yeah, me neither ; )

So there is a chance I can get them to pose for a pic in their costumes, but no more promises in that department.

So after the Halloween let down we decided to watch a movie and chow down on popcorn. Louis-Auguste makes the best sugary popcorn. He pops it right on the stove with fresh kernels.  Reminds me of my Poppop and Mommom who used to have a bowl of fresh popped popcorn every afternoon. Of course theirs was covered in butter and salt whereas Louis-Auguste’s specialty is sugar. Delish!!

Speaking of food (I am truly taking hold of this Bourgogne culture) I spent the day Monday sitting at a table; eating, drinking–being merry.  Everyone had the day off because it was All Saints Day (La Toussaint).  Juliette’s boss and his family came over to the apartment along with David and the kids.  We began with L’apéritif and champagne, then L’entrée and Le plat (Baeckeoffe).   

We literally were eating from 1pm-4pm.  Took a short break to watch the boys have some bike races, tandem-style (photos at the end)! But after we returned to the table for fromage, dessert et un café.

I was ready for a nap (and to never eat again) but that is not what happened.  Instead more friends arrived–everyone is ready to eat and drink with friends when there is no work–and I even ate “dinner.”  In my defense I ate because the jambon (ham) was on the list of things to try.  It’s called pata negra and these pigs strictly eat acorns which produces the smokey, nutty, awesome flavor.  So even though I was in a food coma, I had to indulge.

The rest of the week I am in charge of making dinner and lunch so maybe I’ll be checking out Cooking Light for my recipes…or maybe I’ll take the bike for a spin around the village?

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