Bon Anniversaire

So this morning, at about 9am, I wandered down to la cave (winery) for la casse croûte.  This is basically a mid morning meal, or snack if you will, that the workers at the Domaine participate in.  Basically: eat, drink, be merry before returning to the day’s work, which–bonus–is making wine!  The first time I joined everyone (mostly men I might add) for this ritual David told me that my future husband should be a wine maker; no argument there!  If its acceptable to indulge in wine and cheese at 9am when you’re husband makes the wine, then sign me up!

This morning we had wine (duh), bread, cheese, foie gras, coffee, and special flan cake for David’s birthday. Good Lord, I knew I was near Lyon–the capital of gastronomy (la capitale de gastronomie), but WOW! Food is such a big deal here and I don’t think my jeans can take it much longer–winemaker’s wife or not!

But for today, it was David’s birthday, so that was a good enough excuse for me to sacrifice my waist line and mange le casse croûte like a man.

2 thoughts on “Bon Anniversaire

  1. Lady, why on earth are most Anglophones so keen on making mistakes while writing French ? Anniversaire is masculine, so your title should be “Bon anniversaire” .
    Then no French will say “faire le casse-croûte”, but either “manger un casse-croûte” or “se faire un casse-croûte”.
    Don’t take it bad, this happens in every Am/Brit blog . But I wonder why you people don’t feel like checking before writing some words in French .

    • Thank you for reading my blog!
      Writing my posts late at night is no excuse for poor French, but that’s all I’ve got…
      Remember, I am working on becoming French, so making mistakes is a given. Thanks for the help 🙂

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