Time is Money

So my dad sent me to France with Traveler’s Checks. I appreciate it very much, the money that is, but I am thinking that nobody should be sending their kids to Europe (or anywhere) with these things.  The problem is that nobody wants to change them into usable monies. I had to ask three different banks if they changed such checks.  The first said the hour for such transaction had passed.  The next one said I should go to la poste and they would take my American Express Checks.  This was when I discovered the inconvenience of la Grève.

So one morning last week, after dropping Louis-Auguste at school, I waited an hour until La Poste opened.  Wasn’t such a bad thing–I brought my camera, ate one (or two) croissants, had a chocolat chaud in a new favorite restaurant, and window shopped a bit.  The unfortunate news was that when my hour was finally up, la poste did not accept my request.

Dammit, I hate these Travelers Checks.

So I left a bit annoyed and deterred about the whole thing.    As I hustled to find the fate of my car (I didn’t pay for my spot that day–refer to previous post), I passed a different bank.  I stood contemplating the idea of entering into yet another dead-end.  But I had waited an hour (now maybe an hour and a half) so what else was there to lose–I could however be gaining a larger chance of getting a parking ticket…

The result?  SUCCESS–changed my money, no ticket and some cool pictures to play with in Photoshop! Way to go me 🙂

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