Pump it, Pump it up

Woke up this morning, got in the car and VOILA–no gas!  Normally this is not an issue Chez Duband because there is literally a gas pump on their property. Actually, it’s right next to the car…convenience at it’s finest. But I had to get going this morning; Louis-Auguste and I were running late so I began the 40 minute drive into Dijon with the gas light already lit.  Sweet!

Dropped Louis-Auguste at school–sans accident (I should mention that no accident is an accomplishment from yesterday when I found it hard to drive properly during our commute. I literally ran into a curb and shortly after almost went into the wrong lane while turning. I really didn’t think Louis-Auguste’s friend who we carpool with would ever get into the car with me again! But I redeemed myself today…I hope).  I wished the boys a “bonne jounrnée” and I continued on to my school  (Friday I have classes 8-12 and 2-4).  Of course the road I usually park on had no open spots.  This particular road is free to park on, and being the penny pincher I am…

OK, OK maybe not “penny pincher” per say.  I am known to spend a fortune for nice bags and high heels but for things like parking, gas, toilet paper, etc etc, I refuse to pay more than necessary.  And in my mind the 3 euros on the next road was not worth it when I could pay nothing. So there!

On my second lap around the one-way street (I hate all the one-way roads and circular intersections in this city) I found a spot that I wiggled the MM (mom Mercedes) into.  Although the parking job was absolutely absurd, I think it was the first time I really looked like a French person–meaning my car was tilted with two tires on the curb and the front-end protruded quite a bit more than the back (“when in France…..”)

Oh, did you forget I have NO gas at all by this point?  That was a great surprise after my 8 hour day! But, I decided to take my chances yet again and I went to pick up Louis-Auguste before finding a gas station. To be honest, I was nervous to pump gas in France for the first time. I don’t know why–it’s all the same, but I still opted to have the 13-year-old with me…just in case.

Just my luck, the manifestations associated with the grève led to complete grid lock all around Dijon!  I did NOT want to break down in the middle of this mess. It was as if I was back at JMU last spring with the police in SWAT outfits trying to calm the crowds (of course the reasoning for the police was a bit more legit compared to that spring…).

But all in all we made it out of le centre ville and into a gas station where I pumped my very own gas in France–add it to the list people 🙂 Success!


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