C’est La France!

I have been here a little less than one month and today was the second grève (strike).  It’s a regular occurence in this country and when it happens lots of things are shut down.  Public transportation is slowed, teachers dont show up to class, financial institutions are closed….it’s not just one sector of jobs.

Last night as we tried to figure out the coordination of getting to Louis-Auguste’s school (many teachers participating in the strike) and my school (we will never have off), David explained a little about the grèves.  Basically France is in the process of changing the age of retirement.  This is very basic because everything was explained to me in French.  I do know that David’s friend Roman works for the public transit and he will be retiring at the age of 55! So crazy!  I am going to try to learn more about all of this, but for now all I am worried about is how it affects my day-to-day activities; like knowing what time Louis-Auguste would finish school today. I had to wait twice at the collège this afternoon because we didn’t know if he would finish at 1:45 or 2:45. Not a big deal though because it gave me time to shop 🙂

Fortunately for my wallet (there were about 4 pairs of shoes and 2 bags I wanted) I was unable to change the money I had to Euros….wonder why? I bet you can guess…


But it never hurts to try things on,  although it might be difficult if you don’t know your European sizes.  Most things have multiple labels to assist les étrangers (foreigners).  I tried on some super cute trousers I’d been eyeing the week before–too tight. Wonder why???? (HINT: bread, cheese, abondance of desserts) I felt like Liz Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love when she was trying on extra-large jeans in Italy after eating her body weight in pasta. Maybe I am going through my “eat” phase right now?  If so I have some great things to look forward to this year 😉       {side note: went to see this movie in French the other night–way to go me! I was able to understand very well because I read the book. I recommend it to all the girls out there. Javier Bardem=not bad on the eyes}

But anyhow, the pants didn’t fit. So I tried shoes–also a fail.  When I asked the lady to help me find my European size she was astounded that I have a 10 in US.

“non, non. Pas dix”

“oui, dix. Regarde!” At which point I presented her with my foot.

Still couldn’t believe me as she proceeded to have me try size 38 and 39 in a very cute boot I might add (boots with a heel are the French staple).  It was a bit snug and I had to go get Louis-Auguste at school anyway so I left without confirming a size, but I will try again another day.  A day with out une grève perhaps.


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