VTT: very tough terrain!

I was invited by Juliette to go mountain biking (faire du VTT) today. I have to say that I was very excited to do a bit of physical activity–the overconsumption of baguette and cheese and wine is taking its toll on my figure ; )

We woke up early and got the bikes together. I borrowed David’s vélo (bike), casque (helmet), and des gants (gloves).  He also generously gave me padded biker shorts to wear over my own un-padded shorts.  At first I thought this wasn’t necessary.  First, I ride bikes a lot at home and never wear padded shorts–never been a problem.  Another reason for my  apprehension was the fact that this thing looked like a wrestling outfit–no joke!  Ultra-low scoop neck with shoulder straps and jammer shorts. BUT when in Rome (or France?!)…..

So I sported the oversized, VERY stylish biker onesie and packed the cars (there were about 8 of us).  We drove into Beaune (15 min south) and I’m thinking we will just park and find a route as a little group–nothing fancy.

Not the case.

There were seriously like 100 people waiting at this place where we paid 5€ to..well..I don’t really know what the money was about to be honest. They charted out a course for us and I guess some food was laid out for everyone….anyway:

Juliette, Mariné (Juliette’s friend), Oreille (cousin, not sure how to spell his name), and me chose the 35km course while the dad’s/uncles took the longer 50km trip.   Started out fine with some uphill roads past vineyards of the Côte d’Or.  The problem was that a thick fog covered the hills, so the scenery left much to be desired.  Little did I know the lack of visual appeal was the least of my worries:

I spent the next 3 1/2 hours on a bike (probably not properly set up for me due to the throbbing back I had throughout the whole ride) peddling UP hills. No, wait; up a mountain…a mountain with no downhills actually.  No downhills and very difficult, steep, many times slippery, muddy, tiny, winding (get the picture?) paths.  I fell more than 5 times, had to walk the bike 3 times, and thought I was going to fly over my handle bars the whole time!

But after finally reaching the end, and hobbling around (wrestling suit’s padding did NOT do it’s job) I was proud of my accomplishments.  Everyone who I have talked to this afternoon has told me, “c’est très dur” (that’s very hard). SO WAY TO GO ME!

2 thoughts on “VTT: very tough terrain!

  1. hahaha! This made my laugh out loud in my little cubicle. YGG!!! My adventure for the day consisted of finding soft pretzels in the pantry… oh so exciting.. not.

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