Pesky Little Creatures

Ever wish you were a fly on the wall? I have to admit that I have wished this from time to time–to be able to drop in on a conversation or two. Nothing creepy, just an inconceivable idea…until recently. Being here in France I think I have become that little fly on the wall.  Sometimes I find myself sitting there at the kitchen table and conversations are going on all around me.  I sit there and pick up a word or two but I’m not yet fast enough with my French to put it all together for comprehension’s sake.  I don’t expect people to stop their conversations and translate for me, and I don’t want anyone to feel they have to create simple sentences or speak about or to me (basically I don’t want to be a burden). But there are times that I wish I could just know what’s going on and contribute more. I realize as I get better with French this will change, but for now I remain a fly on the wall.

Speaking of pesky animals, I brought one with me from the United States! It was earlier in the week and I was sitting in one of my classes when I picked up a strange scent.  A strange and unfortunately very familiar scent–one of a stink bug! I couldn’t possibly believe that the French were plagued with the nasty creatures I find in my bedroom at home.  I searched the area around my seat, didn’t find a thing, so I just let it go and continued with the lesson–all be it a but perturbed that I hadn’t escaped stink bugs during my move across the Atlantic.

A few days later I found the cause of the smell:  I was changing after my day and from my jeans fell a dead, gross, STINK BUG! Couldn’t believe it–the little critter must have snuck into my bag, curled up for a nap in my folded clothes , and then let his presence be known as he was suffocated in between my leg and my jeans. Gross!

Happy to know that the stink bug is not a native of France and hope that all the little bugs (me included) are gone from the walls-and my  jeans-soon 🙂

3 thoughts on “Pesky Little Creatures

  1. OK – I was enjoying these updates until you got gross! You have bugs in your room at home??? I’ll have a talk with your rents.

    As you proved during your internship at Clear Cut Meals, you really have a knack for this writing thing. Keep it up.

    The trial and tribulations are all part of the experience that someday you’ll look back on with pride.

    • haha. I really just want my parents and Amanda to read this for a laugh. Those bugs are so nasty and I am always flushing them down the toilet at home and when I lived at JMU.
      Glad you enjoy….promise to get back to some fun (not gross) topics soon 🙂

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