Défillé de Mode–lessons in fashion

This weekend I attended a fashion show (Défillé de Mode) with the kids. Their cousin (pictured here) participated in it. Loved sitting front row and snapping pictures of the shoes, dresses, coats, and outfits that I want!!

Couple things I took away from the evening: The French LOVE boots, and I am purchasing some ASAP.  They are also big fans of jackets. You don’t leave the house without finishing your outfit off with a leather jacket, military coat, rain slicker, what have you.  It’s the icing on the cake.

They also aren’t afraid to show skin and express their sexual side. America is a reserved country when it comes to nudity and sexuality–or this is what I think after being here in France.  First of all, TV here doesn’t sensor much, as far as nudity and language.  I had first hand experience with this mentality at the show’s finale.  The whole show was pretty much a family affair with kids 3 years old to teenagers 18 years old modeling.  So when multiple girls came out dressed in lace thongs, high heels, and push-up bras I was a bit blown away–and it seemed I was the only person so fazed. People clapped louder (I am sure the models appreciated that extra encouragement) but nobody snickered and no perturbed parent complained that their son or daughter shouldn’t have been exposed to that sort of visual spectacle.  In my opinion, America–or for sure my town–would not have stood for this community production.  It was for sure an experience I was not expecting when I took the two kids to the show and sat down next to their grandma and aunt.



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