American Coffee Break

The sun finally showed up today which inflated my mood as of late.  Rainy days stuck inside are boring no matter where you live.

Good news however, I had my first Café experience earlier this week. It’s too bad the weather was cold and the sun wasn’t shining but what’s a girl to do when she is in France and wants un café.  And I am glad I stuck it out too because I met two very nice American couples.  They were traveling from Paris to Italy by car and stopped in Nuit St-George in hopes of a meal.  Little did they know they would meet me and I would talk their ear off due to excitement of hearing English. But they didn’t mind and they were as interested in my adventure as I was in theirs.  We sat for about an hour and talked, true to French leisurely style at meal time–what am I saying?! French style is leisurely at all hours of the day (and they love it that way!)

The one man was actually a freelance journalist, so that commonality was nice.  During our conversation he whipped out his camera (true to the journalistic mindset) and tried to capture the excitement of some vendangeurs who drove with horns blaring through centre ville after a successful day at the vineyards.

Harvest for a large majority of the Côte d’Or is winding down.  David’s crew ended the first group of étangs yesterday but they begin with another set tomorrow.  This next section is closer to where we live which is higher in elevation (the reason for the later maturation of the grapes).

But enough wine talk and chatter for now–I must go recherche Célénie at the bus stop!

À toute à l’heure

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