True Life: I tried to make friends with 80 year old women!

Recently I have been feeling a little anxious to make friends.  I am totally that way though, a bit impatient and like when everything is in order–which is not the case when you have just moved to a new foreign country! Things take time, and I am the first to admit I am bad at waiting.

So on account of having met no friends in the 4 days I have been there (see the impatience yet?) I ventured down to the winery to chat with some people I have met: Nicole and Marie are sisters and I am pretty sure they are just about 80 years old.  They are so sweet and cook great food for us during The Harvest, but not really the people who are going to show me around town and party with me if you know what I mean. On top of that, they speak absolutely NO english.

So I said Bonjour, returned some baskets, and then awkwardly stood  before them.  I think my vision was to say something charming in French and for them to ask to show me how to make some amazing French meal…je rêve!

After a few minutes of broken sentences and laughter (due to the incomprehensible things we said to one another), I said “à toute à l’heure” and was back up to the house to hang out with the 10 and 13-year-old who I know will be my friends for a long time after this journey.


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