The Country where I live


As you can tell, Chevannes is in the middle of nowhere.  I enjoy the countryside and all it has to offer, but I dont think I could live in it forever!  Ironically I have found that listening to country music has been the most comforting thing for me.  It’s a little bit of America and it fills that void for now.  I guess Taylor Swift and her friends do the trick because the American songs that are on the radio here are all pop or oldies.  Oh and for anyone who told me the French would be listening to our songs months after they came out in the States, YOU ARE WRONG. The other day on my almost 50 minute drive to school (blah) I listened to Rihanna’s new hit 3 times! I think it’s safe to say that they are “in the know” people!

2 thoughts on “The Country where I live

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