Many things in France replicate that of America.  Brother/sister arguments, over committing to children’s activities, making wrong turns, cursing, being sarcastic…..I am not saying I didn’t expect this, just some things I have noticed as I get to know my new family.

But tonight in the car home from Louis-Auguste’s fencing class (not so American) I was asked if I knew “mac-doughnald.”  My mind was thinking too hard and I couldn’t quite put together what was said or why I would know this French person/place/thing?  Then like a brick it hit me…”OH, McDonald’s?” Idiot, I thought to myself.  I have to stop thinking they are so different from us that a stop at a fast food restaurant wouldn’t be normal.  And although fast food is not my favorite, I felt much better eating it in this country! The pronunciation, which I couldn’t decifer at first, is not harsh and, well, American.   I taught them how to pronounce it like Americans, and cringed at the difference.  Believe me, next time you have to go stop at McDonald’s, say it with a French accent and you will almost taste the elegance of the sound in the Big Mac…..almost.

4 thoughts on ““mac-doughnald”

  1. Beth, I’m very impressed with your dissertation about McDonalds and your new family. The mis-pronounciation reminds me of Mommom’s and my experience in Japan in the early 80’s. They were pronouncing the new venture ‘Maci-di-nol-dos’ 🙂

    Study hard, enjoy your work and let us know how you’re doing when you can.

    xxoo, Poppop

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