is this day 1 or 100?

What a busy first day in France!

I left Les Etats-Unis at 6pm CST (after traveling all afternoon from Philly to Chi-Town) and didn’t get much sleep on the close to 8 hour flight.  I was so emotionally numb on the ride; not all the way sad, or nervous, or happy.  I guess I was feeling apprehensive while also knowing that I wanted to be there (conflicting feelings creating unidentified emotions? Sounds like an answer to me).

But I arrived safely and after a little wait was on my way to Chevannes (a town I found out has 100 inhabitants) with David (dad) and his friend Roman (roll that “R”).  As I knew would happen, it was not easy for me to speak French.  I would sit there in the back seat and create sentences in my head but would get too nervous to utter them.  This used to be an issue in French class I think.  But don’t fret, tonight at dinner I buckled down and used some broken French.  I can assure you that this made the children more comfortable. I am learning French while they are learning English…we’re on an even level.

On a side note for those a little lost, I am Au Pair for Célénie, 10, and Louis Auguste, 13.  Their mom is pregnant with twins and therefore my job is to take the kids to and from school and various activities.  I also will attend French class myself (which I am now so happy about because I hate not understanding dinner table talk).

So back to the day…

They didn’t waste time with anything because believe it or not I already have been taught the ins and outs (or enough to get me from A to B) of driving in France. I got behind the Mercedes hatchback and David spoke to me in broken French as I clutched the wheel at 10&2!  I am alive, but nervous to take myself on all these twisted roads of the country and through the city of Dijon to my school and the kids’ school.  Thank God for navigation system in the car 🙂

Well enough for today. Need to get some sleep to be ready for another action packed day of errands in my new home, FRANCE!!

Au Revoir et Bonne Nuit.

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